Our Projects

Educational Projects

  • Under this project through a team of dedicated teachers and educators academic support is provided to marginalized and vulnerable children through remedial classes, distribution of learning material and educational scholarships
  • In addition to the academic classes other activities are also facilitated which includes – leadership sessions, art and craft workshops, poetry workshop, music and drama
  • The students are also given opportunities of experiential learning through Educational Trips and Exposure Visits, Eco tours, Bird Watching Trips

Health Projects

  • Regular Health Screening Camps were conducted in association with reputed hospitals namely - Dr RM Lohia Hospital, Safdarjung Hospital
  • During the World Health Day Preventive Health Screening was conducted in different bastis of Tigri Camp and Tigri Extension
  • The beneficiaries attending the camps which includes parents of children screened were counseled and made aware about the findings of the screening and diagnosis

Skill Development Project

  • The Skill Development Project focussed on providing Employability Training to Youth (Age Group of 18 to 25 years ) and unemployed women (age group 21 to 35 years)
  • The Youth were provided Vocational Training with focus on Computer Literacy, Spoken English and Interview Skills
  • Marginalized Women were provided Training in Tailoring and Knitting and the Women Training Centre of Rahat Welfare Foundation

Environmental Awareness Project

  • The Project Team of Rahat Welfare Foundation mobilized youth and adoloscent from schools and colleges to create awareness about Environmental Conservation and related Social Action
  • Plantation Drives were conducted in different school , colleges and residential societies in Delhi , Noida and Faridabad
  • Rahat Welfare Foundation also collaborated with Corporate houses wherein nominated employees of the organization participated under employee volunteering initiative

Consumer Welfare Awareness Programmes

  • During the year Consumer Welfare Programmes were conducted to educate communities about the right consumer related rights and entitlements
  • Awareness topics included - Education of consumers/ Consumer awareness programmes on issues such as MRP, grievance redressal, unfair trade practices etc.
  • These programmes used innovative activities such as Nukkad Natak , Street Play, Poster Making Competition

Road Safety Awareness Programs

  • Under this initiative 15 different Awareness Programmes were conducted in different universities including Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia and JNU
  • Through these sessions awareness was created about the risks of rash driving, road safety rules and risks associated with drinking and driving
  • The sessions included specific modules on Preventive Education, Road Safety Awareness and Positive Behavioural Change pertaining to Responsible Driving

Aids Awareness Programmes

  • The Project Team of Rahat Welfare conducted awareness programmes in different communities of Delhi NCR with focus on creating awareness about HIV/AIDS, STIs
  • The programme has specifically targeted men in reproductive age group (15-49 years)
  • These Programs were conducted in partnership with Schools, Colleges, Skill Development Institutes and NGOS.

COVID 19 – Awareness and Relief Operations

  • Rahat Welfare Foundation have mobilized youth , working professionals to participate in relief operations pertaining to flood relief and collaborated with other NGOS to support rescue operations and food distribution
  • During the lockdown owing to rising Covid 19 Cases , Rahat Welfare Foundation initiated a special campaign pertaining to distribution of dry ration, health comprising of masks, sanitizers, sanitary pads etc.

Project Udaan

  • The Udaan Project by Rahat Welfare Foundation is designed to empower school dropouts with education, skills, and opportunities for socio-economic advancement. By providing holistic support including education re-engagement, vocational training, career guidance, and community involvement, the project aims to break the cycle of poverty and empower marginalized youth to build brighter futures for themselves and their communities. Through partnerships, rigorous monitoring, and a focus on sustainability, the foundation strives to create lasting positive change in the lives of its participants.

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Mental Health Program

  • The Mental Health Program by Rahat Welfare Foundation is a comprehensive initiative aimed at promoting mental well-being, providing support services, and fostering community resilience. Through education, counseling, crisis intervention, and advocacy efforts, the foundation aims to improve the quality of life for individuals affected by mental health issues and create a supportive environment that prioritizes mental health awareness and care. By engaging stakeholders, building partnerships, and ensuring sustainable practices, the program seeks to make a lasting positive impact on mental health outcomes within the communities it serves.

The Robotic Education

  • The Robotic Education program by Rahat Welfare Foundation is designed to empower children and youth with valuable STEM skills through hands-on learning and practical experience in robotics. By fostering curiosity, creativity, and technical proficiency, the foundation aims to equip the next generation with the tools they need to succeed in a technology-driven world. Through partnerships, community engagement, and a commitment to quality education, the program seeks to inspire lifelong learning and career readiness among its participants, ultimately contributing to their personal development and future opportunities.

Project Food Vendor

  • The Rahat Welfare Foundation, known for its humanitarian efforts, particularly in providing aid and support to marginalized communities, also conducts training programs for food vendors. Through its training initiatives, Rahat Welfare Foundation equips food vendors with essential skills and knowledge, fostering economic independence and community development. The comprehensive approach covers technical skills, business acumen, legal compliance, and ethical practices, ensuring participants are well-prepared to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Blanket Distribution

  • Organizing a blanket distribution initiative through Rahat Welfare Foundation involves several key steps to ensure effective planning, execution, and impact. Rahat Welfare Foundation demonstrates its commitment to community welfare and support, particularly during challenging winter months. Through careful planning, collaboration with stakeholders, and a focus on impact assessment, the foundation can effectively provide warmth and comfort to those in need while promoting community resilience and solidarity.

Social Habits Event

  • The "Social Habits" event organized by Rahat Welfare Foundation & Haryali Foundation focuses on promoting positive social behaviors and habits within communities. The "Social Habits" event by Rahat Welfare Foundation & Haryali Foundation aims to cultivate a culture of social responsibility, empathy, and positive community engagement. Through workshops, interactive sessions, cultural activities, and collaborative efforts, the event strives to empower individuals to become agents of positive change within their communities. By fostering dialogue, education, and practical skill-building, the foundation contributes to building stronger, more cohesive communities where every individual's actions contribute to collective well-being and social harmony.

Plantation Event

  • The plantation event organized by Rahat Welfare Foundation is designed to promote environmental conservation and community engagement through tree planting activities. By organizing a 2000-plant plantation event, Rahat Welfare Foundation not only contributes significantly to environmental conservation but also fosters community engagement and awareness. Through careful planning, active participation, and ongoing support, such events can leave a lasting positive impact on the environment and inspire communities to take collective action towards a greener and healthier future.

Drawing Competition

  • Organizing a drawing competition under the banner of Rahat Welfare Foundation can be a wonderful initiative to foster creativity, encourage artistic expression, and engage the community, especially children and youth. A drawing competition organized by Rahat Welfare Foundation can serve as a meaningful platform to nurture artistic talents, inspire creativity, and foster community spirit. By incorporating educational elements, cultural activities, and engaging participants of all ages, such events not only celebrate art but also promote social awareness and unity within the community.